For the love of horses

Who am I
My name is Natalie. Ever since I was a child, I was passionated with animals, horses to be more precise. This passion has only grown throughout my life. When I was in secondary school, I'd cycle fifteen kilometers to get to the nearest stable and as an adult I've almost always had horses of my own. My family has that same passion, every member has it's own connection to horses, some as a supporter of the sport, others as a rider, a groom or just as an enthousiast. The equestrian sport and new equine innovations are often a topic of conversation around the dinner table and going to different competitions together is one of our favourite pastimes. This is exactly why Equinus is this important for me.

How Equinus came to be
Equinus has been established by a very passionate person, as you can read above. As most of you know, the equestrian sport is not cheap, on the contrary even: when talking about expensive sports, horse riding is often the one that pops up first in a conversation. Equestrianism is often associated with 'rich people', which is something I want to ban from the world because our sport is for everyone! There's nothing more beautiful than seeing a small child's smile when they sit on a pony for the very first time. With this mindset I started forming the idea of an affordable equestrian store. Fast forward a few years to July 2014 and there it was... my own store, Equinus.

How articles are chosen
Cheap materials are often paired with the idea of bad quality, I try my utmost best to search for the best materials at democratic prices. Every year our suppliers come to our shop to present the new materials and all of them are inspected by me and my family members. By doing that, we form one opinion out of different opinions by people out of the recreative and competitive world of equestrians so we can select only the best materials. There are more articles available on our webshop but you can always count on a good price-quality-ratio. I'll always keep searching for brands that fit our philosophy.

What I also do
I want to share my philosophy with people and I do this by attending events with a mobile shop filled with items. Our own experience with horses and competing taught is a lot and gives us the chance to anticipate on your needs. We provide more hairnets on dressagecompetitions and extra studs during outdoor season to anticipate on you forgetfulness, and enough reigns to every event to anticipate on little accidents. You can also find us on secondhand fares with interesting discounts on items that will go out of stock!

What you can do
Come over for a neighbourly chat while you look through the store, everyone is welcome without any abligation! You can also come over for a chat about equestrianism or a brand we do or do not carry, on fares, competitions of other events. Maybe you even change my minds so I'll contact the supplier to start carrying the brand in store. You can always invite us to an event you're organising through mail (equinusequestrian@hotmail.com) or telephone (+32 499/13.44.81), I come to all sides of Belgium and The Netherlands! On a last note, I hope you find what you're searching for in our online store and if not, feel free to contact my anytime!

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